Touch of Frost - Jennifer Estep

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I bought the first two books of this series last year and decided this week to read them. The summary made me realize this was exactly the kind of I like. The characters are powerful and solving mysteries about their lives and their places in the world. Plus the mythology is a very important part of the book. Gwen was a great girl and made me so happy after I discovered she is so important and humble about it. She lives in this very strange and different high school were everyone has some crazy power. At first she doesn't believe in their history with is kinda strange when she can see and feel emotions from objects and persons. She is not very different from them but I felt very attached to her while she investigated a murdered. I loved how the book became more dark after she encountered more clues to help her and when she started to believe in the myths. Her mother passed away before the book started and we get the feeling was very close to her mom and this investigation is her way to remember her. Danger is everywhere in the campus and she actually became friends with a Valkyrie. I liked how this friendship was created, because everyone is a bit posh in the school and Gwen was raised with a cop salary, so she’s nowhere that rich. But things became really good for these two. There’s a guy and he’s a bad boy crazy for a fight, he’s a Spartan and he’s also a womanizer, but I think he has some feelings for Gwen and it’s afraid of what she can discover of his past. I liked how he always saved her.