Dark Frost  - Jennifer Estep

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Things are getting more dangerous than ever in Mythos Academy and now Gwen must find an artifact her mother hide. An again it’s the only way to save the humanity from Loki, problem is she has no idea where it is and Loki’s champion is also looking and it’s probably inside the school.

Gwen’s life is not easy and Logan is almost her boyfriend, because now she has reasons to stay away from him. Reapers are popping up from everywhere and nobody is save, but Gwen is improving in her abilities and also learning how to fight better. Double yay.

But the book is all about action and death happens, but this one was really good for the series. It explained a lot about Gwen’s family and also helped understand a bit more of this war.

Can’t wait for the next because now the bad guy is out of the cage and Gwen is trying to save herself.