The Iron Knight - Julie Kagawa
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I never thought I would miss Meghan, but this book was almost all about Ash journey to became a human and be able to live with Meghan on the Iron Realm.

Puck as always is the fun part on the travel, plus we get to see again the Wolf and of course Grimalkin, he’s such a smarty cat. I liked how Puck chose to help and decided to trust Meghan and his longtime friend Ash.

At first when I first read about the return of Ariella it got me thinking of what Ash would do, because he blames himself and Puck, but after some more reading I realized that Julie was right again and both needed closure. Mostly to became again friends because their relationship was going really bad.

So the journey made this book the darker so far and I thought in moments that somebody would die and I kept hoping to not be Puck or Ash. It would be devastating.

I wanted more time with Meghan and to get to know more about her way of ruling the Iron Fey.