Winter's Passage - Julie Kagawa
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One of the reasons this book managed 5 hearts is Puck. This is the first in the series that have another person POV, the others were told from Meghan perspective. This is one is really special because we can see how much Puck really loves and the trouble it brings for him, to choose between his love or his friendship with Ash.

So back on The Iron Queen, Ash made a deal with Leanansidhe and she decided to collect now, problem is he has to break and enter the Summer Court, lucky for him Puck is along for the ride and he’s is the best prankster ever created.

But the situations inside the court were really funny and I couldn’t help but to wish more scenes that we could see more about those two friendship. They bonded awhile back and it is forbidden because they are from different sides, but it didn’t stop and now Meghan is in the middle of it all.