The Iron Queen - Julie Kagawa
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I’m seriously loving this series, each installment is better than the others because we get to see more feeling from Ash, Meghan and even Puck on this book.

Once again the trio will have to save the Nevernever, but this time from an enemy faceless. Since Machina death in The Iron King, other iron fey has entitled himself king and is trying to destroy both courts and rule the hole nevernever. But there’s a catch, this new Iron King doesn’t have Machina’s power and for that he needs to kill Meghan.

So she starts the story hiding with Leanansidhe help and once the courts actually assume that iron fey exist, the war is almost lost, so Oberon and Mab ask for Meghan help because she is the only one able to enter iron realm and doesn’t suffer it’s effect. Of course Ash and Puck decided to go along for the ride.

This was the best book, so far on the series, for several reasons. Ash shows more feelings, Puck decide to be real and act toward his love, and Meghan starts to understand better the fey world and it’s rules. She actually gain something out of a contract for the first time.