Hunted  - Evangeline Anderson

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This was a very long book and it follows Claimed story. We met Sophia and Sylvan during Liv and Baird claiming period and now these two are getting married and all hell broke lose once the bad guys decided to kidnap Sophia thinking she can save them from destruction.

Pretty insane right, but I love an alien erotica and this series is good in delivering the hotness. These guys are warriors and they chosen one female to spent the rest of their life with.

But that not how things starter for Sophia and Sylvan. He was denied once during a claiming period and now chose to live as a eunuch, but his goddess has other ideas and made him feel really hot while close to Sophia, but she has no idea of anything happening because she’s just a human and is just now learning the Kindred rules.

Sylvan is like a vamp and needs to suck blood from his Bride to perform the claiming, but Sophia was once abused and has issues with any kind of male, plus these two are hiding and running from the hounds.

I liked this book and even enjoyed the Sylvan and Sophie problems for a bit, bit these two are too dumb to mess with. They had no idea what was happening half the time and even if Sylvan passed through this once, he just can’t believe it’s happening. Hello you are a male and close to a pretty woman, we both know what happens.

But I liked that we got to see more of the other stories and the author started explaining more of the Kindred's home planet.