Divergent - Veronica Roth
My Thoughts:
I have Divergent sitting on my Bookshelf for quite some time and also heard great things about it, so when the end of 2011 came and almost every blog was nominating this as one of the Best, I had to read it ASAP.
And guys I’m so regretting not reading it sooner, but at the same time it comes for the best because honestly don’t think I could manage it to wait so long for Insurgent.

The book was amazing and I’m loving’ Dystopia right now. Since Hunger Games I haven’t really touched anything from this genre and it isn’t one my favorites. I love stories with a happy ending or even in a different reality, but this idea of a world on a brick of ending, it gives me some bad thoughts.

Divergent has a great story; Beatrice Prior is a girl living in a society that for me is a bully thing, divided in five factions that struggled every day to live without war. Beatrice is having problems with her choice. Her family is from Abnegation and lives to help other people before thinking about themselves, but she is not as selfless as it should, so when the time comes for her to choose her faction, strange things happen and she discovers herself named Divergent, problem she doesn’t have any idea what that means and can’t discuss with anyone.

So Beatrice has a situation and after she choose her faction(I’m not saying with one), she has to dealt with training and more drama, she’s the only one who can save the world as they know from a rebellion, crazy right? But the book is fast paced, so I didn’t even stop reading it, it has 487 pages one of the biggest on my shelf and still kept me hooked.

A plus side there’s a little romance starting on this one that I believe will be more talked about on Insurgent.