Feast of Fools - Rachel Caine
My Thoughts:
I liked the new people coming to start trouble. It gives the series a new information about the past from some very well know characters as Amelie and Oliver. Plus Mr.Bishop sounds like pure evil, and some changes made this series a lot more action than the first books.

Claire as always end up right in the middle of the problem and also has to deal with doing what it’s told and not get in between. Of course that doesn’t happen because we all she will research and try to save as many people as possible.

I liked the why Amelie acted on this book, because confronting was definily not the answer and as she tried to understand and work toward a strategy to save her town, she had to let everyone think peace was her call.

Myrnin continues his research and try to save the vampires from the strange disease, plus getting little Claire in trouble. Also Claire’s parents decided to move in to Morganville and discovered all about the city secrets.

I loved this book, and from all the series so far this was the most fast and action happened from beginning to end. My favorite.