Midnight Alley - Rachel Caine
My Thoughts:
The second book was really great and since it kinda left on a cliff, but a good one. After Claire discovering some vampire things and once again saved everyone by signing herself over to Amelie. The number one vampire in Morganville has Claire, so aside jealousy from some people, and taking in consideration what really means that bracelet, she’s pretty much save.

I loved the fact that Amelie decided to knowledge Claire high IQ, by sending her to study with a really strange vampire in this book. At first I didn’t like Myrnin, but after some more reading discovered that actually he’s not that bad.

Shane’s lie was actually one thing that I didn’t liked because was it really necessary to make him a bad guy, even if so for only a few chapters, because we could all see that brainwalsh is a powerfull thing and he was just a kid when everything happened.

I loved this book and definily a great moment for the series.