Vanish: A Firelight Novel - Sophie Jordan
My Thoughts:

I liked the first book and was happily waiting for the next one on this series, especially because I needed to know how Jacinda was going to handle the exposure and having to go back to the pride after everything that happened.

So I bought this one on the same week as the release and before I even started to read some reviews were popping up and was a bit disturbing what people were speaking about, so I decided to wait and when the Harper Imprint challenge was up I started to read.

Is a fast book and mostly is setting on the pride after Jacinda, Cassian and Tamra return. Things are not good for Jacinda and after losing almost everything her sister finally receives her dragon power.

Return was difficult for everyone but Jacinda had a worst time, because everyone is blaming her after leaving and the only way for things to go back how they used to is accepting Cassian as her partner and let the pride rule her life.

So knowing Jacinda as we do, she chooses the hard way and also has to deal with Will; he finds the pride and now is trying to save her.

The end has a cliff, but overall is a good book. YA until the end so just a couple of kisses. Very enjoyable. If you liked the first this is a nice series.