Goddess Interrupted - Aimee Carter
My Thoughts:

OMG, this book was amazing! I didn’t really knew what to expect after The Goddess Test and I was a bit afraid of Persephone and how she would get in the middle, and that actually happened but this book gave me another view for the gods and I now understand more why she did everything.

Kate as always is amazing, fearless and brave, but still trying to understand her place in this world and now there’s also a Titan on lose that wants nothing more than all Gods destroyed.

I went from don’t understanding Henry in the beginning to loving him in the end. He spend so long alone that is a bit difficult for him to work on his emotions and know what to do and since Kate is young and also doesn’t have a clue things are really difficult but I liked when they actually decided to talk and work things up.

The book ends in a cliff that made me totally want the next one now. Calliope is still a bitch and I wasn't expecting Ava to betray Kate like that. James has a strange way right now and I don’t really know if it’s worth trust him or not.

I want Henry on the cover for the next book because after everything he’s been through I definily want to picture him right with his emotions controlled and a little smile on his HEA.