Wither (Chemical Garden) - Lauren DeStefano
My Thoughts:

I had my sights on this book for awhile. The first time I read the summary it totally blow me away. It’s completely different from everything that I’ve so far and I some way is disturbing, but so interesting.

When Rhine was kidnapped I started to really feel sorry for her. She lost her parents and in the end couldn’t get in touch with her twin brother. After I realized that she was supposed to marry a rich man, OMG, things started to really freak me out.

The author kept the story well paced and I didn’t even felt the time passing, but when I was nearing the end I realized that Rhine spend an hole year kidnapped.

Linden is cross to me, some moments I believed in his love for Rhine and others just kept me thinking that he was playing her and still don’t know how I feel about him. But his father I definily hate. I understand that science needs some tests, but he treats everybody as nothing and that made me hate him.

Can’t wait for Fever, because this one was like one taste of a perfect desert.