Scrumptious - Amanda Usen
My Thoughts:
Loved this book, everything is sweet about it, from the cover, to love story and the setting. From the first time I read the summary I feel in love for this story. Both characters had family problems and the way they live is a very expression on how that truly marked them.

Marlene is working on Charmeleon restaurant since her teenage years and is home for her, even if she struggles now to work with the chef. Her best friend owns the place is in the family for generations, but now situation is really difficult since her friend married a truly asshole and Marlie has to accept his orders.

When Olivia, Marlie’s friend discovers her husband cheating on her and files for divorce, the restaurant loses a chef. Marlie thinks that’s her chance to work as chef but Olivia calls Joe to help her out for a while.

I truly understand how Marlie gets upset, thinking that her friend doesn’t appreciate her because she doesn’t have a degree, and the way that she deals with her frustration is one night stand.

Joe on the other end is trying to change his life, from random women to a great job offer, but Marlie becomes more than a friend, and together they try to put the restaurant back on its feet and try to understand their feelings and how to live outside their normal.