Love Blooms in Winter (The Dakota Diaries) - Lori Copeland
My Thoughts:

I’m probably one of the few person who never read anything from Lori Copeland, so when I saw this book on netgalley, decided that it was my chance and took it.

It’s a very religious book, since people follow God rules and words. And that’s what I though when first started reading. Mae is a conscious woman and is scared for her neighbor life since she started showing signs off Alzheimer, so one day trying to discover if she has any family left, Mae came across with a piece of paper only with Tom name and address. Putting fears away she contact him on hope he will take care of his family.

Tom doesn’t believe from beginning take Pauline is someone from his family, from a long time he knows there’s no one beside him, but still being a good guy he went for the little town and tried to discover some sort of family affairs.

A lot of things happened during his stay and the book shows a very beautiful story of love, family, helping the others and most off all, fighting the adventures that show in the way.

I really liked this book, not my usual read but the author delivered a beautiful story, that made all worth it.