Dreamless - Josephine Angelini
Since I was young the greek gods are my favorite so when I discover there's a book revolving around this, is certainly going to my bookshelf. For me it started because of my sister and her love for Odyssey, so when we bought a dog and I was over enough to decide the name, I think everyone can guess that it was Ulisses (Odyssey in my country is named Ulisses). :(

Long story short is that if you like greek mythology like I do, don't wast anytime, like I did, and go buy and read asap this book. If you have any knowledge about the myths you're gonna be surprise just like I did for how precise and correct everyone's names, and characters way. Seriously, best book of the year so far, for me at least.

Helen has always fealt different her whole life but she only starts to discover about who she really is when a new family moves to her island. If Twilight crossed your mind, change right there, because the characters give a better vibe, you feel conected with they're story and is beyond that lovers for eternity, but I think it will be better expressed on the next book.
Loved some support characters and wish the authors could give them a better setting, like Gig and Jason, they deserve to be together.
Is a huge book, with a lot of characters but once you get to know them and their world is enough for anyone to forget about the world and just read. There's another story behind the one explained on this first book, but the author does not leave a cliffhanger, don't know about you guys but I hate to wait for the answer on the next book.

Will definily buy the next book on this series and is already on my most anticipated. I'll leave the trailer for you guys get a taste of a great boo