The Magi - Kevin M. Turner
This is the first book in Kevin series and started really good with a intense conversation about death and an attack right in the beggining of the book, put things in the action point really fast. Elijah seams to have some sort of special ability that he doesn’t know about it.

I understand I was necessary for Elijah to go to that awful school and see how the Maliphists ruled their world, but some points I was really sorry for him and those orphans boys.

Loved the author explanation for the magi world and everything revolving around it.

“You see, our world is broken up into four parts. Each part has its own personality. One part is water, which has a particular personality. Another part is fire, which has another personality. The third part is wind, and the last part is the earth.”

A very important part off the book I think was the relationship between Elijah and Master Roddick. The professor made a friendship with him and even played some sort off father picture. Elijah found a second family in Roddick’s house. And that was very important for him, because after everything he’s been through, some normality was very welcome.

Some characters made the book special, like Walter Henderson and his clocks, he sounds like an inventor, only pays attention to his creations and forgets about the world and everyone around.

I though the author explained very well the world of Magi, especially about the differencies between god and bad and the difficulty in understand were’s the line.

The life on the barracks was dangerous and difficult especially since he was trying to understand a different world, but some things helped liked falling in love and discovering some friendships along the way. By the way Becca is awesome, Elijah wouldn’t be able to do half off his hero acts without her.

But the friends and family he found in this strange town is very good for him.

This book made me feel like I was ready Harry Potter for the first time, a lot of mistery, good friends an orphan boy searching for answer and hiding from the bad guy who wanted him dead or alive. Master Roddick

Can’t wait for the next one and to discover more about his family secrets.