Hold Me - Betsy Horvath
Lucas Vasco is a FBI agent who in the first chapter was working undercover but had to get away to save his life and when his car stop in the middle of a highway his only choice is to catch a ride with a homan, and worst off all a civilian.

Katie was only going home after a tiring day at the new job when a atranger gets in her tiny car, who also has a name, but I won't say not to spoil it the fun.

The truth is that they never saw each other but Lucas hasa photo off Katie when she was just a teenager and amazing as that sounds he fall in love with her.

But the bad guys start to follow their lead and Katie has to hide on the best place is Lucas house.

The book is all about hiding, running, and car racing, but they do dealt with their fellings in the end.

You Might Enjoy This Book If:

You like a good police book, with a tinny romance.