Season for Love  - Marie Force
When I first read the summary in Netgalley, I picked this book right away, cause at the moment I wanted a happy ending, sometimes this happens to me.

It didn't really matter at the moment that it was a novella in the middle of a series. So when I started to read it was a bit confusing, but my fault not the author, and dispite this I quite enjoyed this little book, cause is short and can't wait to put my hands on the rest of this series, cause I wanna know how they met.

This ebook is about Sam and Nick wedding and how they're strugling with a miscarriage(from another book). I loved their sweet love and how dispite everything that comes in the middle they still fight for their happily ever after. Sam being a lieutenant is in the middle of her father case and Nick during his campaing to senator. A hole lot going on in their live and still find time to be together and have a princess wedding, with paparazzi running after them.

You Might Enjoy This Book If:

You like a romance story, cause the rest is more for the other books, this one stallment is pure love.