Tycoon's Secret Affair: The Anetakis Tycoons (Silhouette Desire #1960) -
As much as I liked Theron story, I just couldn't quite enjoy this one that much. I know it seems quite obvious from the first book that Piers had some trouble with woman in the past taking in consideration how he reacted when first heard about Marley and Bella, so this book was mostly to explain that story and make him see that not every woman was like that one who broke his heart.

I actually fealt sorry for Jewel, especially when her friend explained how much she has suffered in the past and after that even had to make Piers understand who he really fealt for her, dispise everything was a little too much for Jewel, at least that's my opinion.

She is a beautiful woman with a kindy heart, who loved and helped everyone in need. Piers just had to see and start to enjoy having her by his side.

They suffered together but in the end finally managed to understand why the other fealt so heartbroken over the past. I loved the fact that his brothers continued to participate in this book as well. I fell better knowing that good characters are not left behind, and well used.

You Might Enjoy This Book If:
You like a good romance, to shed a tear now and again, and a happy ending.