Tycoon's Pregnant Mistress (Silhouette Desire #1920) -
The truth about this: there's no secret how this book is going to end. Usually at the first page I chose a character to ruth for, in this one was Marley, maybe because she couldn't remember anything or maybe because I think Chrysander must be really stupid.

I meen, come on, the evidence was planted and everyone could see it, but I give him credit, he did apologize and became the greek god that every girl dreams off.

Marley was pregnant when they separeted, and Chrysander didn't hear anything from her, strange right, and make me thing her didn't really love her, he forget about her on the same day, so when he hears her name on the TV he chose to ignore everything and run back to her and the baby he thinks belongs to him.

Is a good past time book, but not my favorite on this series.