Love Story - Jennifer Echols

Is this book is not even going to the bookshelf cause I'll totally read it again. That's how much a like it, better yet, love it.

In the beginnig I was really against Hunter, because we only knew Erin's part of story. And Erin write sort story for her class, sometimes they're spicy, but tell really how she fells about her family and everything that happens now in her private life.

Hunter comes to study on the same college as Erin and is part of the story writer class, so he actually nows about her past. Hunter shows during the book exactually the same thing Erin tells, but after somes class we start to doubt who's side he really is.

Love Story jumps from current time into the stories Erin and Hunter create while in class.Sometimes I couldn't wait to read the answer one have made to the other story.