Reached - Ally Condie
I thing the story was ok. I didn't hate it, cause the book keep me going, luckly the past was fast. Cassia was not a great caracter for me, I know the Society keep them pretty locked, but she could have chosen differently sometimes.

Ky is a important piece in this book, so I think the author could use him and his story a little better. His family almost didn't apear, but there's a story from the past that they're connected with, it would be nice to know a little more.

Xander is the lovely guy. He follows the rules, know he's place, and doesn't do anything wrong. But when Cassia needs he's help, he shows a different side. I didn't expect that part actually. This was a nice part. I like to see him more on the next book, but not so sure this is gonna happen.

This book end in a cliffhanger so I'll definelly read the next one.