Frostbite - Richelle Mead
When I started the book, it was a little confusing.

They were running, from something, we don't know what until the end of the book.

You need some time to get used to the names off diferent especies.

I don't like Lisa, most people think that she in the end was some what explained, but don't agreed with that, to me she is sealfish, moody and depressed. If it wasn't for Rose i don't think I would like the book.

Rose is smart, fun, a little promiscuous, but that is explained. She is the most honoroble person on the book. She watch Lisa, take care of her, save, help with friends, boyfriends. She likes somebody, but they're relacionship is difficult to say the least.

I love Dimitri, he's odd, doesn't speak much, helps Rose with her treaning, saves Lisa, from herself sometimes, and he's dangerous and mortal. A complete bad boy.

Christian is another case, because of his family, he keeps to hinself, but he's a sweat pea.

I guess thats all, without saying much.