The Shadow of Mudflap (Foxtrot Team, #1) - Christi Snow,  M.F.  Smith
Christi does know how to create mayhem in town, Texas always suffer with her attack, but it does makes for better books. It’s always impressive how she can destroy the town she loves, but she makes good stuff with her heroes and this time it wasn’t different. Despise the fact Mudflap is a really strange name, the character is actually a nice fellow. I liked the fact he has some training from his time in the army and that after all those years, he decide to help people after leaving the Army.

Shanae is like Wonder Woman and she does have superpowers, especially with her seduction, but thing I did not understand was her ex acting like a stalker in the book, weird stuff. But Shanae is a nice girl and I liked the fact she’s a spy and a very good one. Mudflap was deceive for a little time, but he picked up real fast. Of course these two made the perfect time, because Mudflap has some training and Shanae is deadly, but we can see during their moments together that these two have some chemistry and really deserve to find some happiness.

I liked the fact Mudflap understands Shanae job and even trust her, that was the best part for me, because we can clearly see this is the important stuff for her. This a shorter novel and I read in one sitting, but the story is full of action, can’t wait for more Foxtrot investigations.