Operation: Endeavor (When the Mission Ends, #2) - Christi Snow
This is the second book and we all met Colton and Penelope during the adventures of Operation: Endurance, but I never thought these two would actually be a great couple. It took me by surprise these couples and even after the whole book and some serious kinky sex is strange to see Colton let go so much of control. I always though he would this great Dom with some naughty girl by his side.

But Penelope was even better than I hoped for because she’s way more than a little bookstore owner and it’s actually a very naughty girl with some great ideas for spicy things up in the bedroom and after reading everything Colton has been through in life he needed a girl to let him just enjoy life for a bit.

It was another great suspense and I never would have guessed the real bad guy. But Colton was actually really good at protecting Penelope and it showed how much these were great together. I liked the family problems that united these two. It made them more real and the relationship was better grounded.

Overall it’s a really intense book and I couldn’t put it down.