Betraying the Pack - Eve Langlais
I liked Bailey and totally get her problem but she suffered so much in this book that she deserves a happy ending better than anyone. Now we know how the bad guy is and what he wants, but it’s never easy to locate and stop him.

So this book was different, because I thought Bailey was a werewolf but it was difficult to really see that happening, but the bad guy, and I’m not saying names, really wanted her. For some strange reason that she’s part of his plan.

I liked this family, but was a bit confusing at first with so many guys with different personalities. It took me some time to actually put together everyone and their relationship with Bailey.

She’s a strong girl who suffered a lot in this life and actually earned her chance to be with Gavin in the first place, but the others just came along for the ride afterward. I liked how she spent time with each guy and got to know everyone. Choosing the perfect moment to bond and make a life together.

I’m stuck with the end and I believe it’s not the end yet.