Rae of Hope - W.J. May
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If you guys don’t know yet I love books centered in magic and this one was a perfect catch. A girl finding her powers after being accepted for a school that she never applied. Sounds familiar? I thought of Harry Potter too when I first read the summary and that made me want to read Rae’s story.

There’s a huge difference between Rae and Harry. She’s smart and fight to discover things of her past and why nothing makes sense toward her parents live. Her acceptance in the school is at first really easy, and everyone try to make her happy and be her friends, but we can also see that Rae doesn’t trust in all the pretty faces around and oh boy, she was right.

As the book tell us, Rae’s parents story and we try to see what tatù she was going to have. I felt connect with her character and bravery, plus she had to struggle to accept this new and very much different life. So it was really fun to read this YA book.

I loved her tatù and her final battle was really awesome. I just hope once her power start to grow, she realize that her choices not always will make everyone happy.