Staring Into the Eyes of Chance - Kay Dee Royal
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This is a hot book! I was expecting a paranormal romance with some steamy scenes and a lot of kissing, but this book was good surprise.

Chance has given up on primal-mate simply because his father suffered a lot after his mother died. And the way his brother treated him, blaming and pushing made things even harder.

Now he’s the alpha of LIIA and for years his pack is trying to arrest and stop a crazy wolf that has killed both, humans and lycan. That’s how Chance met Olivia. She has a wildlife preserve and the crazy wolf has been attacking her animals.

I loved how the author handled the discovering's and the relationship between Chance and Olivia. He’s trying to save her but she is trying to forget her adulterous husband and lies are not the best thing. Plus there’s a chemistry between these two that is extreme.

The sexual scenes were more than I expected taking in consideration Chance pack lives a very human life. A great thing to overpower the suspense and the crazy wolf killing past time. I liked this book, but wish it were a little bigger.