Flirts! - Lisa  Scott
The Hot Girl’s Friend – First Story

Can a plain Jane find love when her best friend is a curvy, blond man-magnet?

Jane Jameson has been friends forever with the beautiful Miranda and when going out every guy is interested in the hot, blonde and tall Miranda, so Jane has all sorts of excuses for the guys that approach her.

And that’s how she met Brady Flynn, the bartender on the bar they used to go. And he’s busted Jane creating stories to save her friend from some guys. After some talk he discovers that Jane doesn’t know to she herself and only thinks man are after Miranda.

So they made a bet, if Jane doesn’t have a date on the end of two weeks, she wins a t-shirt, for the bet works they go out several times and it’s really fun to what him squirt with excuses for the guys.

Wrong Place, Right Guy

She’s at the wrong place at the wrong time.
Is there any chance he’s Mr. Right?

Kristen Gold was being robbed and almost sexually attacked when Tony Malone saves her. And after that Kristen start having feelings for him, problem is he’s an ex-con and everybody tells her to back off.

The story is very interesting on how people judge others basically on past actions and after knowing his family is absolutely wrong how they treat him.

Kristen is a nice girl and discovered the perfect guy to play hero on a parking lot. Love can happen anywhere right?

Not You

One night with a stranger…gets even stranger the next day.

Carly was sad because her mother was marrying for the third time and she didn’t found yet someone to love that could love her back, so for the first time she decides to have an one night stand, but the day after was hilarious.

Rob, the guy she hook up was her new stepbrother and worst of all, she still had lusty feelings for him.

This was another story with an interesting subject, knowing those two were brothers, and still trying to discover a way to be together and tell everyone about it.

Desperately Seeking Cupid

Does she have the formula for finding love?

Brianna Keller is trying to accept that she has six weddings to go and no date to take whit her. So when a older woman offer to feng shui her apartment for the love bagua, she take it.

And after discovering that some shopping is required she meets the handsome and a bit slow Zach Johnson, owner of the shop where she buys new memorabilia.

I loved how the two of them liked each other but still had some problems to express their feelings making all those “not dates” even more fun.

Never Been Dumped

It’s a relationship with an expiration date…and it’s going to go bad.

Rachel Miller can have every guy but the problem is when they fall in love is even more difficult to get ride of them. Is not that she’s using them, they just not the one, so after bad break ups, she decided to stay single for awhile, but her best friend keep trying to set her up.

One night when she was waiting for her friend in a bar and shooing guys, she met Drake Johnson and he was funny and handsome. Plus he promised to dump her in the end of summer because he was going away and don’t do long distance relationship.

Perfect guy, right? Things were not so perfect when both discovered that feelings were stronger than they should be. Overall it was a very romantic story, especially when Drake decided to take them slow and show Rachel that man could be different.