When Snow Falls (Whiskey Creek, #2) - Brenda Novak
I love to cry with this series. Don’t get me wrong the stories are beautiful and there’s so much drama. But they are worth it. Brenda Novak made a little town full of romance and emotions.

Cheyenne was not my favorite from the group, mostly because we barely see her before this book and Dylan wasn’t even mentioned before, but these two are actually so pretty together. They are both outsiders, suffered so much and now are so normal.

I liked Dylan more, maybe because his life was more difficult, he had to grow up alone and find a way to support his four brothers, but he also had love.

Cheyenne suffered way to much in Anita’s hand and I cannot believe everything her family made her go through. But even after all these she’s a nice girl and thinks more of others. She deserved some happiness and Dylan was perfect because he understand her like no one else. I cried way to much with this couple but it was so good.