Temporarily His Princess - Olivia Gates
I never read the first series but it was really nice seeing Vincenzo fighting for his love and after his King made a decree. I like Glory and found her a bit to naïve, for my taste because she knows her family is a bomb and still believes everything her mother says and even accept her father and brother after all they done.

Don’t get me wrong everything was explained in the end, but Glory is just not my favorite girl and Vincenzo could had a fabulous woman with lots of expertise in business and live, but he feel in love and his eyes were closed for anything wrong Glory could do against him.

I liked seeing how much the king and the rest of the royal family are actually really close and live as a normal family with jokes and intrigue, but the best part for me was Vincenzo falling in love once again and this time fighting for Glory with all his power and money. They are actually pretty cute together.