When We Touch (Whiskey Creek, #0.5) - Brenda Novak
This was actually a longer novella, from my standards, but I read after the first book, because it’s usually better to understand the town and the people with a longer book. So I already knew the characters and it was nice meeting them again, but this one it’s set before book one.

Olivia was such a nice girl, and she deserves a better family, because everyone treats her so bad and believe she’s just jealous half the time, plus she has to do everything for her spoiled sister. When you take a look in the reason she is back in town it’s extremely wrong the way her mother and sister treats her, but she actually got better with this dose of reality and Brandon was a great change for her.

She needed a change and Brandon was perfect with his bad boy attitude, but full of good intentions. The wedding weekend was a nightmare, but Olivia learned to trust herself and survived just fine with a new love.