Heart of Venom - Jennifer Estep
I love Gin and how protective she is of her friends and adoptive family. Everyone is really important to her and whenever someone she knows is in danger we can clearly see how much it affects her and all the hell she makes to save them. This book was intense and I spent a good portion biting my nails and hoping everything would be okay, but the story also brought some good memories and reminders for Gin of her purpose.

Sophia had some misfortune in the past and until today she is haunted by those memories, we can see she tries to hide and doesn’t trust in just anyone, but this book explained what happened all those years ago and also brought the bad guys back. Sophia was rescued by the Tin Man and that is one of the reasons Gin is so close to the Deveraux sisters.

I liked the action in this book, but for me the best part were the memories and Owen coming back. Don’t get me wrong, he was a bastard but this time he’s trying really hard and I believe Gin deserves a nice romance with a guy that understand her demons and her profession.