The Sheik and the Virgin Princess (Desert Rogues, #5) - Susan Mallery
I liked Rafe from the previous book, he had a good sense of humor and it was a very serious guy especially because of his job and the dangerous places he had visited during his life as a soldier. I liked him better on the begin of this book, but the ending was a bit rushed and some information was never even shared.

Zara was annoying during the most part of the book. She wanted a family and them she didn’t want to stay learning about her father. She was contradictory most of the time and kept complains that she never wanted that. I get it she was poor and a king for a daddy is not what anyone would expect but she just could accept things.

The relationship between these two was a bit rushed and it was fun to watch them getting to know secrets but also a bit boring. There was maybe two kisses and them they jumped to sex. Next week she’s in love and he’s afraid of commitment. Fun times. But I liked king Hassan, he improved the attitude and the way he treated his daughter.