Immortal in Death - J D Robb
1 MP3-CD / 10 hours

This case was different because for once Eve lost a bit of her indifference and got caught during the investigation. Mavis is a great friend of her for years and to see that, made Eve start thinking about what it’s right and wrong. Plus this is also the marriage and Eve is a little lost about the wedding and the party.

I liked this story. It was strange and disturbing seeing Eve caught in the web of the assassin, even trying to find the killer while the public and the PA already assumed Mavis was guilty. I believe this was one of the hardest time for her because she spent so long hunting for an answer and things were so difficult.

I never would have imagined the end, but for one thing this book made it worth it. Peabody showed a different side during the bachelorette party and even doctor Mira became more real.