Delicate Freakn' Flower - Eve Langlais
This is not my first book from Eve, but I realized after reading this one that her werewolves are super hilarious. It was fun and super hot following Naomi and her two mates. They are all shapeshifters, but each one is a different animal. I especially liked the bear shifter, it’s so fun seeing these other animals and how much they are still feared, even in this different society.

I liked Ethan, the bear, he’s more quiet and has a little fear of the people reactions because he’s so strong and is difficult to settle in, but Javier on the other end, is super fun and loving with sassy words and more than enough sexiness to share. They have shared woman before, but they are one hundred percent straight. It’s amazing the way Ethan discovered his mate and Javier went along for the ride just to she the special girl, discovering that she was her mate too.

I liked the fact these two did not fight over the mating deal and were even okay with the poliamourous relationship, the only one with a problem was Naomi, because she was the youngest and wanted a quiet and normal relationship with an human, just to escape the insane family of her. She thinks all shifters are like her family fighting everyday and destroying the house, but Ethan and Javier are different and they needed a week to show Naomi how right their relationship would be. I really liked I really liked this family and this series has so much potential.