No Strings Attached - Nicolette Day
I really liked this novella, and the story had potential to be a great novel. I think Jace and Hayden had a beautiful story that could be more exploited, but for only a novella it’s actually really clear where everyone is and the past they shared.

Jace is in love with Hayden for almost a year, but she had just ended a bad relationship so he decided to be her friend and help her for awhile, but they never got the chance to be together and now Hayden is headed off country to photograph, her big dream.

We got the story about their past together and all those sacrifices Hayden made for Jace and his family, so now he wants her to be happy, but one hot night together changed everything and now he wants her for good. I really liked these two together and it was nice meeting them, but the story could be a little longer.