When Lightning Strikes - Brenda Novak
I had this book on my TBR for a very long time, but never actually read mostly because of the number of pages and you can see it’s actually huge, but this month I had a plan to read some NetGalley gems and this series was a must.

But I have to say it was even better than what I hoped for and I dived into this story, not even the pages keep me away. I loved Gail and Simon for very different reasons. He’s trying to be bad, but at the heart we can clearly see he’s just hurt. And Gail it’s such a good person, but also have some dark spots on her life.

These two as a couple was perfect, because we can see the connection since the start. Gail is public relations and they were supposed to get married for only two years, enough time to get the media off his back and believing he changed and became the good guy, all this because he wanted some visitation rights with his kid from a previous marriage, but everything turned better than I even expected because Gail is such a nice girl, but she can put a guy to his place without a problem.

There’s all the right thing in this story. Little town, friends meddling and a perfect couple with some issues from the past. loved this book and will dive into the rest of the series ASAP.