Georgetown Academy, Book One - Jessica Koosed Etting;Alyssa Embree Schwartz
I have a slight problem with this book for a simple point. It was a bit confusing for me the POVs, I liked that could chose and how much it shoed inside the girls mind, but it was a bit too much reading 4 different people reactions for one single night.

I liked the story. It’s full of intrigue and suspicious. These girl are like dynamite and everything it’s a point for explosion. I liked the drama, but it was so fun seeing how much these girls could lie and get away with everything.

I liked Evan more than them other girls, she sound more normal and less trouble maker than the rest of the bunch, but they are so evil together, it’s like a TV show where every problem could be easily changed for the right price and words. Taryn was a bit to naïve for being raised in California and her father was a governor, but she learned real fast how to save herself in DC right? Brinley was the only one that I actually thinks has the right mind for a DC girl, always thinking about her next move and getting the best place ever. Ellie was a bit too boring for me, with her problems and her sensitivity.

I liked the setting too, because it’s so fun to see things happening in DC where all the drama unfold.