The Tycoon's Rebel Bride - Maya Banks
I have to say that after the way Theron acted in the end of the first book with Marley, I so wanted to see him wipped. He show a lot of care for Marley and her baby. So when I discovered on this book that he was chosing a contract marriage, I was disapointed cause I wanted to see more of that caring man who would do anything for his family.

So another twist, and Isabella arrives. I didn't like her in the begging, she was very childlist and Theron diserved a more mature woman. Bella was only 22 and very much in love with him for a long time, I chose to ignore how I feel about her infantuacion and started to cheer for Theron to chose wiselly.

Bella continuous all the book using her body, and some passion to make Theron see reality and with who the future would be less dull.

Theron suffered to discover a way to give in to his passion and continuous with secutiry on his life, especially since Bella was his protege, not that she needed anyone to do that.