The Beasts' Breeding Dungeon (The Overlord's Depraved Tales) - Bree Bellucci
This was an interesting little novella. It sure brings a different setting with lots of sex and kidnapped women that desire crazy monkey sex with some monsters. It was strange at first to watch these two (Ava and Michelle). They are friends and Michelle sounded like a spoiled little girl only doing what she wants. She accept a ride from a strange man and it's not even bothered by her friend fear. I honestly didn't liked Michelle and how selfish she showed on this first novella. But Ava is a nice and very normal girl, that only wants to enjoy the day without any drama and complications. She's not wrong because she has a perfect life with a good job and a fiance in love with her.

The second part was something out of a nightmare because it showed a castle were drugged woman had sex with beasts. Not man, literally beasts out of a nightmare with green skin and tales. But the most strange part was how all the woman seemed to enjoy and wanted more.

We also see Ava trying to understand what is happening and becoming lots in this new reality. She had a very sexy time with a monster, but them we discovered she was picked for the grand master and he wants only her.