Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss (Pregnancy & Passion, #3) - Maya Banks
My Thoughts:
Devon Carter decides to marry and start a family since he already is successful in business and can provide for a good home. So when William Copeland, he decides to accept because it will bring him a wife and a merge with Copeland Hotels, but there’s a catch in the agreement, because Ashley Copeland can not discover that her father made this deal with her new fiancé and actually thinks Devon will marry her because they are in love.

Despise what everyone may think Devon actually likes Ashley, not that he thinks she doesn’t know about the way her marriage was treated by her father and she’s a sweet and free girl. Her family is owner of a empire in hotelary and she knows how to move in the same social circle, but not as the brainless girl.

When she discover on her wedding night that her father was meddling in her life, she decides to change and be the perfect wife so that Devon may fall in love with her.

I liked the book, but this hole mess her father made was actually a big difficult thing to get through. She’s beautiful and fun girl it wasn’t necessary for him to decide her life as he did, so I didn’t like this part, but the way some emotional scenes were handled was perfect. I love Maya Banks and her books are always really good and the romance actually works. This one is not different.