Allegiant  - Veronica Roth

This book was disappointing for me because I never actually connected with the plot, and after the ending of Insurgent I wanted more. It just felt like watching all those conspiracy movies again, a big cover up. Tris was once again responsible for a revolution, big news right, but I didn’t like her POV, it felt strained to me, just like her relationship with Tobias, it felt like a lie and the only thing they could do together was make up.


Tobias was a big zero on this story, because as always he doesn’t trust Tris, with the true and with doing the right thing. He always wants to have the last word and be right because mostly he wants to show in his parents face that he can do it. So he did mistakes, lots of those and in the end he sound like a winning baby, crying over nothing.


I was a little dubious about this book, mostly because of the dual POV and I was right, it’s wasnt perfect for me and I wish to go back and never read it. Some people may like, but there were way to many mistakes and the characters practically lost their personalities, it felt like a Tris and Tobias book, when we all know this world is more than that.