The Black Sheep's Inheritance - Maureen Child
I think this book was a little boring for me. After the great start with the prequel my first choice would not be Sage, because he was almost a ghost and we didn't know a thing about him. He's not that great guy, but at the same time I can't blame him after the way JD treated everyone. Just think Sage decided to blame to wrong person and he was almost a stalker to Colleen only because she got 3 million from the inheritance. 
They were a cute couple but didn't liked the way Sage treated Colleen. It was interesting seeing Colleen become more sure and believe in herself, but Sage was an ass most of the time. She made such changes and was trying to help people, could he at least try a little? He didn't need the money she inherited, but became almost obssessed with her. She was better than him and deserved someone to appreciate her.