Cowgirls Don't Cry - Lorelei James
This series is the union of two passions of mine, cowboys and erotica, but the books are losing the big appeal for me and the stories and getting less dark. I liked better the first few with more spankings and treesomes, but it's still a very enjoyable series.
It has been awhile for me in this setting so I was a little confused with the family and the connections during this book, but two things became clear to me: Luke was an ass and the only people that really miss him is family, his dad is no better and he blamedJessie for everything bad. So I didn't really liked that nobody put the stop on him.
I liked Brandt and he was a very nice guy, but in reality he made a stupid move asking Jessie to help take care of Luke's bastard son. Can you imagine that? I felt sorry for her and she really needs to build a backbone, but she changed a lot during this book and I think she has potetial.
Of course these two are in love and in reality deserved to be together, but I don't liked the way things happened for them. Jessie needs to learn and get things she wants no circle around the truth.