The King (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #12) - J.R. Ward
I'm going to miss this series after reading two books every month, but this one was the perfect closure for me. Wrath is one of my favorites and his book was the first one, so to me was a surprise this second book about him, but after seeing how everything is changing and the Band of Bastards are really a great addition to this series.
This book felt almost like the big finale with several stories getting a big fat happy ending. We have Wrath and Beth discussing their mating and a baby. I loved seeing their problems again, not because I wanted them to failure but because for once the focus is not the King, but only a male and his shellan trying to find some middle ground. Layla and Xcor finding something to do. Assail and Sola. But I want Lassiter to find a female too. So I want more books pretty please?