Origin in Death - J.D. Robb

This was a tough story for Eve. She had to discover the killer of some hotshot doctor, but at the same time Roarke decided to invite his family for Thanksgiving. I love Roarke and during this book was the first time for me to see him a little nervous, he was scared and way to obsessed with the holidays, but he still helped Eve during those most difficult moments.

I loved the story, super different and a total match with the timing of this book. Since this series take place in the near future and almost everything is man-made. I had a pretty clear idea of the person responsible and that Eve would be on her side. She always consider people who suffered like her the victim, and tries to help most of the time. I loved her little trouble with Mira, makes things between them more family like for me. And Roarke family was hilarious.