Memory in Death - J.D. Robb

This story was a little boring for me but I finished extremely fast. The bad guy for me was obvious and Eve had a gut feeling about it since the beginning, but I loved the christmas setting and to see her better in exchanging gifts. Roarke as always went overboard, but Eve learned to pick the right things for the people she considers family, even the cat got a present!

The mystery was closer to Eve because some woman decided to show up and blackmail Roarke, the problem was the woman died during her stay and of course Eve had to investigate to put peace in her mind mostly. I loved Roarke taking her side and even some scenes with Bobby, the victims son, because they have a past together. The woman was a foster parent of Eve after she was found in Texas, but she was not a great mom and Eve suffered a lot. I liked the ending and thought it was actually fitting, but could do better with those suspects.