A December Bride - Denise Hunter

I love marriage romances. There's always something too sweet to end a romance novella with a wedding and celebration. So when I found this series on NetGalley my first though was the pretty cover. Loved the colors and the flowers and so rich. I understand that in the US a wedding in december is all about the winter wonderland with lots of snow. The story made possible for us to fall in love with Layla and Seth.

Seth was a great guy and I could not understand the reason for Layla to hate him so much when the guilt person was her ex-fiance. Seth was only the best-friend and had no idea about the affair with Layla cousin. So for me the drama should be only about the affair, but in the middle of everything Seth was considered guilt from Layla POV, only because he did nothing and neither told her about it.

I loved the sweet way he treated her and tried to change her anger. I don't understand why her family let her be treated that way, but Seth was perfect and I loved seeing those two together, when he got the idea to pretend a marriage I was super on his side.