A January Bride - Deborah Raney

Maddie was such a wonderful woman, she chose to move states just to be closer to her mother and help her sister. She's truly a great woman and her life is all about creating fantasy worlds. She's an author, a very succesful one and decided to move because her sister asked her. It's not that simple to create a story and she has a deadline, but the house she was in made things extremely difficult. We can see her having a difficult time to concentrate with strange noises. But her friend and neighbor helped a lot with the offer to find her a place to work.

The inn was perfect and we can see that in the end everything would turn okay for her characters, but the best part for me was Maddie falling in love with the inn's owner. Art was a man suffering, after losing his wife we can clearly see that nothing is keeping him alive and after those letters from Maddie each day demonstrated such a change. Loved Ginny and Maddie. Art was a difficult guy to love, but a good guy too. Super sweet romance.